C for mature skin – discover the amazing properties of ordinary vitamin C

Your mature skin, on which the first wrinkles have already become established, does not react as well as it used to be when it came to drugstore cosmetics? Look for a solution in dermocosmetics enriched with vitamin C. It turns out that not only when supplied with food, but also directly applied to the skin, it has a beneficial effect.

Why is vitamin C so important?

When you hear “vitamin C”, you are faced with lemon, pills that you give to your children or grandchildren during a cold, and a school textbook that details scurvy in detail.

Vitamin C is essential for the functioning of living organisms, including humans. For many of us, ascorbic acid is a vitamin, which means that we are not able to produce it ourselves and we have to supply it with food. Its deficiency in the body may be responsible for the poor condition of the skin, fragility of blood vessels, and even slow wound healing.

If you smoke, you are particularly at risk of vitamin C deficiency, and therefore faster skin aging. Are you wondering where this mesh of wrinkles comes from? Perhaps you just lack vitamin C. In addition to supplementation and supplementing your diet, especially with black currants, red peppers or Brussels sprouts, support yourself with cosmetics: creams and serums with vitamin C.

Vitamin C for the face, which is a rescue for mature skin

Vitamin C can do a lot. It will cope with wrinkles, discoloration, improve skin tone, slow down the aging process, but also protect it, because it is a very powerful antioxidant. This means that it has the power to protect your skin against cancer, as it is able to inhibit the formation of free radicals on it.

However, it can do much more: it protects your skin against UV radiation, stimulates the synthesis of collagen (the main protein from which tissues are made) and hyaluronic acid – a compound that protects the skin against water loss.

In humans, hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the dermis, but less and less with age. Vitamin C supports its production and allows you to enjoy the elasticity of the skin and the absence of wrinkles for longer, which is why creams with vitamin C are recommended especially for mature skin, but not only. Visit MakeupYes for makeup products and cosmetics reviews.

Cosmetics with vitamin C – for whom else?

For skin with discoloration
To lighten discoloration, you need a lot of patience, but also cleverness – this is what vitamin C does not lack. .in. for the color of skin, eyes and hair.

No matter where the discoloration came from on your face – whether it arose after pregnancy, whether it was acne residue, or perhaps too long exposure to the sun – vitamin C can handle everyone with time.

For people with couperose skin
Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and makes their walls more flexible. Thanks to this, it prevents them from cracking. No more unsightly spider veins on the nose or cheeks, as well as blackening!

For people with oily and combination skin
Vitamin C helps to reduce the amount of sebum produced, thus reducing the formation of new acne lesions, prevents the skin from shining, promotes the elimination of existing pimples and helps to eliminate discoloration and unevenness. Since it also has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, it helps heal existing acne lesions, also in people with rosacea.

Cosmetics with vitamin C – how to choose?

Cosmetics with vitamin C How to choose the best face cream with vitamin C? Before you find the right product for you, read the label carefully. Choose a cosmetic with a vitamin C concentration not lower than 10%.

Usually, dermatologists recommend using cosmetics with a concentration of 5 to 20% depending on the degree of skin sensitivity. The less your skin is sensitive, the higher the concentration of ascorbic acid in the cosmetic you can afford.

Also pay attention to the pH. In order for vitamin C to penetrate your epidermis as well as possible, the acidity should be lower than 3.5. However, this is not the end. The so-called levorotatory vitamin C, i.e. L-ascorbic acid, because it stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen and has a brightening and exfoliating effect. You will find this form of vitamin C, for example, in Flavo-C Forte Serum.

Finally, pay attention to the seemingly prosaic thing: what the cosmetic is closed in. Vitamin C is very sensitive to light, so look for preparations in dark or opaque bottles. When you get home, do not throw away the cardboard box, even if the bottle is very dark. Additionally, it will protect the cream or serum with vitamin C from harmful UV rays. Store the cream in the refrigerator once opened to extend its life.

Serum with vitamin C or cream with vitamin C – what to choose?

If you want to deal with the signs of aging, you can use both cream and serum. Both cosmetics reduce deep wrinkles, even out the color, improve elasticity and fight the passage of time. However, remember that they have a slightly different way of working. They are also used differently.

Before applying makeup, reach for a cream with vitamin C, which has a light texture, absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy film. Look for a cosmetic with vitamin C that will successfully replace the make-up base and facilitate the application of the foundation, and at the same time will have an anti-aging effect. If you cannot say exactly what type of skin you have, reach for a cosmetic designed for both normal and combination skin, eg Redemeric C by La Roche-Posay.

Usually, dermatologists recommend using cosmetics with a concentration of 5 to 20% depending on the degree of skin sensitivity.

What about the serum? Serum is a bit like James Bond, i.e. a preparation for special tasks, because it contains extremely concentrated ingredients. If you want to treat yourself to a few years younger skin, you will need a serum in the form of pure vitamin C, which you will find, for example, in the Synchrovit C preparation. The serum will help stop the photoaging process and make your face color even.

Pure vitamin C, unlike cream or serum, is not used continuously, but periodically – the skin is given short treatments, e.g. every other month.

NEW LAQ … for real savages!

NEW LAQ . for real savages!

It is widely known that a wild boar. However, since today we already know that not only can inhabit the forest, but also our bathroom! What do you do when you meet him there? Jump into the shower with him, because research shows that enables us to smell the wildness and delight dense bristles. This will give us two unique new offer designed for LAQ savages of the forest, which, as usual, have a vegan warehouses and surprise us with unique labels.

Extremely wild gel with the extract of oak

The first novelty combines contrasts – on the one hand an extremely wild smell, the other gentle washing substances of plant origin. Contained therein addition of glycerol and an extract of oak bark provides an adequate level of hydration of skin, and soothes the skin irritation without raging feral control.

What we will tell you label?

“100% satisfied users *

* Test carried out on purpose to this select group of 2 guys. All users agreed that Extremely Wild gel washes. Also suitable for shaving shave everything, but we do not necessarily need to know about it. What’s interesting – 100% of users confirmed that after using. Extremely Wild Gel do not have cellulite. No negative comments. But honestly, even if there is, it zignorowalibyśmy them, because all the gilts agree that the gel smells wild. ”

Natural shampoo for hair strengthening complex

The second novelty of LAQ although based on gentle washing substances of plant origin is due to the presence of extracts of ginseng, burdock, horsetail and Galium prevents hair loss, strengthens them and improves their condition.


Who created LAQ shampoo?

“The product is intended for the guys from 3 to 333 years. The hair from 3 mm to 3 meters, with balejażem, highlights, bleached, dyed and those of men. Bright and dark, straight and curly, those at the top and those at the bottom . for washing in the morning and evening, before and after, but before we definitely recommend if you know what we mean . Wedding, Makeup, Beauty, Celebrity and Health Links. Wedding, Makeup, Beauty, Celebrity and Health Links. Ideal for bald as a polisher. usage: take some shampoo and wash your hair. If you wear a ponytail or pony hair before washing suggest dissolve . “

Beverages with anti-aging properties of wine, coffee, beet juice

Beverages with anti-aging properties of wine, coffee, beet juice

Viewing 10 popular beverage with proven properties fprzeciwstarzeniowych. Among them was water, beet juice, green tea. You did not know them from this side!

Drink a suitable amount of water – at least eight glasses per day provides an appropriate level of skin hydration. As a result, it is flexible, soft and smooth. Adequate hydration also provides electrolytic balance and thus the proper functioning of the brain.

According to a study published in the European Journal of Cancer Prezentation have one cup of coffee reduces the risk of cancer by 10 percent. According to the researchers this is due to caffeine. Coffee is not without its already showed anticancer properties.

Scientists can not explain the beneficial impact of alcohol on the human mind, one is sure, however: it prevents changes in the brain responsible for dementia, memory disorders and behavior. To serve alcohol in our memory, it is necessary moderation (the optimal dose of alcohol, doctors recommend red wine, a glass for women and two for men). Otherwise, the effect will be counterproductive – in large doses alcohol damages the brain.

Almost everyone knows that this drink reduces the risk of heart disease, thanks to the content of fluoride strengthens teeth and prevents cavities. Recent studies have shown that due to the presence of antioxidants decreases also called. oxidative stress, which overloads the immune system cells and, therefore, may cause a number of inflammatory conditions and contribute to diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cancer, stroke. According to the researchers already four cups of green tea a day are able to reduce the intensity of oxidative stress in half.

This bomb flavonoid provides youth blood vessels, thus reducing the risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, kidney problems and memory. Flavonoids (antioxidants) also protect against cancer. Sensational evidence of the impact of the drink on the body is the Kuna Indian tribe in Panama. Men of men are drinking up to 40 cups of cocoa a day, which, as studies have shown, gives them health and long life.

The drink contains record amounts of isoflavones. These are nutrients that help the skin to produce collagen – a protein providing its firmness and elasticity. Flavonoids act in the likeness of sex hormones – estrogen, their effectiveness is somewhat weaker.

… thanks to a striking dose of lycopene – a natural dye plant, which owes the fruit of intense color Everyday Makeup. Lycopene is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants, the compounds neutralizing free radicals which in turn are to blame for cell damage. Lycopene slows aging of the skin, increases its natural protection from the sun, and also stimulates the synthesis of proteins responsible for the elasticity of the epidermis.

These properties owes drink contained in carrots luteolinie. The antioxidant prevents inflammation of the brain, typical of old age.

The richness of antioxidants – vitamin C and lutein protects the macula degeneration (AMD), which is the main cause of blindness in people over 60 years of age.

Exceptionally rich in nitrates is a real elixir of youth for the brain. Studies have shown that these compounds extend the blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow and therefore oxygen through tissue.

Protect your skin from smog. These products will help you with this

Protect your skin from smog. These products will help you with this

Polluted air not only affects your health, but also the condition of skin and hair. Autumn smog concentration increases, and thus, the skin becomes gray, dry and prone to irritation. How to fight the negative effects of smog? What to do when the skin condition is getting worse, and previous care not produce the desired results? Check!

If you notice that with the onset of autumn, your skin has lost elasticity and natural glow, and his face appeared acne, perhaps this is the effect of pollutants in the air. We found products and cosmetics that will allow you to protect your skin from the harmful effects of smog and help recover the skin look beautiful.


According to the European Environment Agency report from 2018, among the 20 European cities with the worst air quality, with 19 located in Poland. This means that every day your skin is exposed to harmful dusts, fumes and carcinogens.

The basis of your care should be so cleansing. Start with the use of a gel that will remove makeup and any impurities. Radial cleansing gel further comprises vitamin C, which evens skin tone and AHA that gently exfoliate the dead skin and accelerate the absorption of moisture. Facial cleansers and scrubs also use different kinds of masks. Alchemist Grown Deep Cleansing Facial Masque is composed of, among others, clay, cranberry seed extract and wheat germ extract. These substances deeply cleanse skin, support the process of regeneration of the skin and provide adequate hydration.


The outer layer of the skin is covered with a jacket hydrolipidowym, whose task is to protect the skin from external factors Style Madness. Lipid coat also prevents water loss, making the skin supple and smooth. Contained in smog and dust, chemicals weaken the tightness of the hydrolipidic. What’s more, the fall season begins the heating, which also negatively affects the protective layer of the skin. All these factors make the skin becomes dry, rough and reddened. When smog levels rise, you need to take care of the maximum moisture of your skin. Ideal moisturizer is lightweight (under suitable makeup) comprises a sunscreen and vitamin E, which restores the lipid. In addition to creams also choose cosmetics in the form of serums and special preparations for moisturizing eye area.

anti-aging protection

One of the most serious effects of smog on the skin is called. Oxidative stress. What is that? Polluted air causes the skin proliferate free radicals, which in turn accelerates the aging process. Oxidative stress is a loss of balance between the amount of free radicals and antioxidants (antioxidants). The purpose of antioxidants is to remove free radicals from the body, which has a positive effect not only on the appearance of the skin, but also the general well-being and health. The strongest antioxidants include coenzyme Q, vitamin A, C and E, bioflavonoids and minerals such as zinc and selenium. You can find them not only in fruits and vegetables, but also in cosmetics, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.


In addition to intense moisturizing and protecting against free radicals, the skin exposed to smog needs a strong recovery. Cosmetics Nutritional almost immediately relieve redness, soothe and restore water-lipid balance. Embryolisse brand products contain a large amount of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, quickly restore the protective layer of the skin, ensuring adequate hydration.

Not only care

Proper care is not the only way to improve the condition of the skin exposed to smog. Take care also about the quality of air in your home and workplace, and use masks antysmogowej follow a diet rich in antioxidants.

How to care for fine hair? Ways of which you had no idea

How to care for fine hair? Ways of which you had no idea

Your hair is fragile and brittle? Take care of their proper care. Thin strands require on the one hand protection against harmful external factors, on the other hand should give them volume and shine. How to do it? Learn proven ways and see that thin hair does not have to be a problem.

For many women, thin hair is almost the end of the world. It is difficult to stylize them, and even harder to cultivate. Fortunately, the market is a lot of cosmetics, so you can quickly regenerate thin bands and arrange them as you like.

Thin hair – what should I know?

Many women mistakenly claims that thin hair, hair is rare. In fact, it’s not about the amount of hair on the head, and their diameter. Each hair is covered with a sheath composed of keratin. Construction of casings arrangement reminiscent of fish scales – the more layers of keratin, the hair thicker and more resistant to damage. Fine hair have a diameter from 0.03 to 0.04 mm. For comparison, the diameter of normal hair is 0.05-0.07 mm, and even coarse hair 0.1 mm. Keratin gives the hair elasticity, prevents water loss and protects the strands from damage. Thin hair, due to its construction, tend to drying, breakage and loss. Moreover, it is difficult to style, so it is important not only proper care, but also the selection of appropriate cutting and hairstyles.

wash gently

If you want your thin hair was thoroughly cleaned, but not overloaded, wash them with gentle shampoo. Pay special attention to the composition of cosmetics. Avoid strong detergents and preservatives. These are the ingredients that will desiccate hair and irritate the thin shell. If you want to be sure that the shampoo does not destroy your hair, choose products dedicated thin bands Beauty Daily.

Professional shampoo Revlon Flex Volumising contains silk proteins, vitamins A + E and provitamin B5. As a result, the hair remains soft, smooth and intensely nourished from the inside. Volume Shampoo contains Moroccanoil argan oil, in turn, extract and linden flowers. Low-impact formula gives hair lightness, and at the same time protects and moisturizes. Similar effects have products Tigi Bed Head. Antioxidants in the form of an extract from pomegranate slow down aging of the cells, is raised from the hair root and giving them shine.

Revlon Professional Flex Volumising
Moroccanoil shampoo Volume
Tigi Bed Head

In addition to suitable formulations it is very important how you wash your hair. The largest error is applying too much shampoo. Remember that shampoo is primarily used for the treatment of scalp. So apply a little shampoo on your hands and rub in a circular motion cosmetic scalp. The foam, which produce during washing, gently massage the hair. Then rinse with lukewarm water cosmetic. Washed hair do not rub with a towel, just squeeze, comb and leave to dry.

Eat, do not load

The next step in the care of thin hair is nutrition. To do this, you can use the technique OMO, or washing-conditioner-conditioner. It is a method that takes more time than the traditional washing, but you will notice a difference almost immediately. What is the technique OMO? First moisten the hair and apply conditioner on them from mid-length (you do not charge your hair at the roots). You can try L’Oréal Professionnel products or L’Occitane that have a strong moisturizing and regenerating properties.

The Oreal Professional lub The Occitane

Leave the conditioner for a few, even a few minutes and wash your hair as usual. Rinse thoroughly all cosmetics, re-apply conditioner and rinse it after the time that the manufacturer recommends. OMO technique is particularly recommended for hair wysokoporowatych, so desiccated and damaged. If you have a band niskoporowate, ie. Smooth, slippery and shiny, choose a light rinse-off conditioner, and use them in the traditional way.

safe styling

Hair thin, not quite that are particularly susceptible to damage, it’s still cause numerous problems when styling. Fragile strands are deformed quickly and easily lose volume and must therefore be arranged with the appropriate formulations. Before you start to style dry or hot thin hair, use a protective spray. You can also use foam, which not only facilitate the performance of hairstyles, but also moisturize the hair. Foam Biosilk Hydrating Therapy includes passion fruit oil and quinoa. Cosmetics does not burden the hair, leaving it shiny and soft.

Pianka Biosilk Hydrating Therapy

Thin strands should be dried, keeping his head down. Then you give natural hair volume. Instead, use the straightener during drying simple brush. Winding single band on the brush and the “pull” them, directing the stream of warm air. At the end of the cold air dry your hair. Thanks to close the scales of the hair and secured the band from damage. The finished hairstyle lightly spray paint.

Warm amber – coloring cool autumn days

Warm amber – coloring cool autumn days

Amber associate with summer and holiday by the sea. If you miss those moments, I’m sure you’ll like this colorization. Such hair will fit all type of beauty posiadaczkom warm. Ideally they emphasize their complexion and eye color.

Warm amber – coloring cool autumn days

Warm amber on the hair definitely love all undecided women. This color combines blonde shades, bronze and rudości creating multidimensional glittering sheet.

Hair in the shade of warm, golden amber popularized hairdresser and coloring specialist Josh Wood. He is known for creating unique shades ideally suited to the needs of their clients. He can get brilliant color that also looks very natural.

If, however, warm amber does not appeal to you, and you prefer to stay with the lighter color can seduce the wheat blond? It is very versatile, rejuvenates the skin and adds shine. Contrary to appearances, this shade is one of the most popular trends in the autumn, when it comes to hair coloring BeautySites.

Care colored hair

Modern preparations do not destroy longer hair as before. This does not mean that you do not have to take care of dyed hair. Coloring never be completely neutral for your bands. Fortunately, you do not have to reach for expensive preparations or spend a lot of time. Equally good effect achieve by using home-care methods.

We especially recommend the chocolate DIY hair mask. Intensely nourishes and protects the tip, which is especially important if you are in the course of running. In addition, it gives hair incredible shine and softness. And that wonderful smell of chocolate and, of course, does not make you fat.

It’s fun to become the Conditioner potato. This popular vegetable accelerate their growth, will slow down hair loss and add them to shine. Making the home of cosmetics is very simple and cheap, and the effect can positively surprise you.

    What your skin needs?

    What your skin needs?

    From what you have to start every skin care? Certainly since the humidification and … patience. The humidification often forget, focusing on combating specific problems: discoloration or pores. For this we use too many cosmetics and change them too often. Sure, it is not easy to hit the cosmetic ideally suited to the needs of our skin, because each of them is different, but remember that ill-Care is a rather expensive exacerbated the problems rather than improve them. So what can save our skin? It’s simple: personalized care!

    The company introduced the first personalized Clinique humidification system, designed for specific skin types. Series products are Allergy Tested and bezzpachowe. 90 per cent. each moisturizing cream is the base, and 10 per cent. is the contribution of active ingredients. You choose one of three moisturizing bases (depending on what your skin type, dry, mixed fat etc.) and then you draw it to one of five cartridges, suited to the main needs of your skin Woman styles. By combining the base with the selected cartridge, you get a perfect fit.

    Problem: irritated skin

    Itching, burning, redness, peeling of the skin – are common symptoms of irritated skin. They call them allergens, UV radiation, low temperatures, ill-care or cleaning too aggressive, but the effect always comes down to one thing: a huge sense of discomfort. – At irritated skin peelings not allowed to do, or mechanical or chemical – warns Anna Grela, kosmetolożka with 25 years of experience.

    Solution: irritates the skin when it is dehydrated. Let us make sure, above all, its hydration. In addition, irritated skin is compromised microflora (microbiota called), so it will bring relief cosmetics … probiotics. As shown by numerous scientific studies, the “good bacteria” do not only care about the normal intestinal flora and increase the body’s resistance, but they also have a beneficial effect on the state of our skin – perfect to soothe irritation and inflammation.


    Choose one of the bases moisturizing Dramatically Different Moisturizer Clinique ™ and connect it with a green insert (with active ingredients to irritation), which through the use of probiotic technology, instantly mutes the skin and strengthen its natural protective mechanisms.

    Problem: enlarged pores and uneven

    The pores are responsible for the thermal regulation of the body and removing toxins from it. Whether they are more or less visible, determined by genetic factors. Sometimes, however, that the pores expand and become unsightly. On the skin appear clear depressions and inequality. This is often due to the overproduction of sebum and impurities that clog pores, causing the formation of blackheads.

    Solution: In order to eliminate the “holes” on the nose and cheeks, as well as refresh and lighten the skin, place substances rapidly exfoliating dead skin cells, such as blends of alpha-hydrokwasy (AHA). Thanks to them, the skin becomes smooth and radiant.

    Pores are also often a problem accompanying dehydration. AHAs stimulate skin renewal and improves its hydration. In conjunction with a good moisturizing base, ball miracles!

    Clinique blue cartridge ID from the active ingredients to visible pores and imperfections contains glycolic acid and lactic acid. Already after the first application the skin is smooth, after a week of use the product you will notice its distinct illumination. AHA acids supports the product extract of red algae, which additionally has a smoothing properties.

    Problem: uneven color

    Uneven skin tone and discoloration may have different substrate. Fighting them requires diagnose their causes and multilateral action.

    Solution: – To align the skin tone, you have to act in many directions, choose a major care, night (eg. The products with acids, vitamin C), and on the day sure to use sunscreen to protect your skin from radiation – emphasizes kosmetolożka Anna Grela.

    White contribution of active ingredients Clinique iD includes, among many active ingredients, an extract of Japanese dzięgla root which helps to align the skin tone, and the vitamin C derivative and salicylic acid. The product in a short time evens and brightens the skin. But you know – to fully work, you should use it patiently for three months.

    The problem: tired skin lacks radiance

    Polluted air, a diet low in nutrients, sleep deprivation, stress, overwork and fatigue – all these factors are reflected in our skin, leaving the signs of fatigue.

    Solution: In the fight against the gray and tired skin will help scrubs, massages and – of course – well-chosen treatment that will restore our skin vitality and radiance. What to look for active ingredients in cosmetics? First of all, taurine, which immediately stimulates the skin and restores its energy.

    Orange contribution of active ingredients Clinique next iD also contains taurine, among others, caffeine, acetyl carnitine, mimosa bark extract, probiotics, extract of Japanese green tea, as well as invaluable AHA acids: salicylic acid and glycolic acid that refresh, brighten and smooth the skin.

    Problem: lines and wrinkles

    As we age, our skin loses elasticity, appear on the lines and wrinkles. This is a natural effect of aging of the skin that we can not delay! Especially that shallow and superficial wrinkles often appear on our skin prematurely, resulting in dehydration.

    Solution: In the prevention of anti-wrinkle take care first of all about the hydration of the skin. At the very dry skin, dry and mixed well to check the base Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + ™ (one of the most popular formulas and textures Clinique worldwide).

    Violet Clinique iD contribution of active ingredients restore the elasticity of your skin, so rich in amino acids … protein serwatkowemu. Yes, yes, whey is a by-product of the dairy industry. Using it in cosmetics is a novelty. Proteins penetrate skin to bind water in it and make the skin becomes thicker, firmer and fine lines and wrinkles disappear. In addition, whey protein also strengthens the surface of the skin, preventing moisture loss.

    How do makeup for Halloween?

    How do makeup for Halloween?

    In brief

    Halloween makeup is contrary to appearances, nothing difficult, as long as you follow a few simple rules. The first of these is a very pale complexion. So forget about the beiges and browns. Choose the lightest fluid and replace them with powder or white farbka for face painting.

    Once your skin is deathly pale, focus on the eyes. Dark eye sockets, blue-black eyes, thick blurring the lines are just a few suggestions for striking makeup for Halloween. Do not worry if something does not work out or bleed equally – it is definitely not the time to perfection. The best colors? Black, cold purples, garnet and graphite. Remember – it has to be scary, not nice.

    What mouth? Here you have several options katiesmind. They can simply be pale. You can also opt for a more appetizing red. From intensive bright, and very dark shades – burgundy and cherry. Do you want more spectacular effect? Reach for the dark lipstick – plum-colored or even black in them will not make you look banal.

    Do you want something more? The basic makeup painted on the skin complete with cobwebs, rivulets of blood, piercing through the skin veins, scars, or “the walking” in the face arachnids and insects. The makeup for Halloween, you can use the appropriate stickers or washable tattoos. Place them on the neck, neck, hands. Surely you will be closer to the “Corpse Bride” than classical beauty.

    A higher degree of initiation? The temptation for the configuration to the Mexican La Calavera Garbancera – women dressed as elegant skeleton, psychopathic clown-killers or Harley Quinn – girls Joker. These creations are not difficult, but it will require a little more effort you time. To facilitate your task is modeled on the corresponding pictures. What if halloween makeup not quite succeed? Come to this from a distance, in the end, after Halloween for that matter!

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    • How to decorate the house for Halloween?

    Add garlic to paint. Sounds strange, but your nails will thank you for it

    Add garlic to paint. Sounds strange, but your nails will thank you for it

    Spice up your paint or nail conditioner garlic is not a new idea. In this way, the Internet has been known for several good years. I gather really positive feedback. It might be worth a try.

    Garlic in the varnish or nail nutrient – how to do it?

    The task at first glance may seem impossible, but it’s very simple. Just a clove of garlic finely chopped or crushed by the squeeze. And then put in a bottle with a clear varnish or nail conditioner. Best to choose a package, which was about half of the content. The idea is to fit the garlic. For a full bottle may not enter.

    Now just wait 1-2 weeks, and you can join the nail. All the girls who used this for makeup, beauty, lifestyle way admit that the smell is very intense. It is true that evaporates after some time, but still you have to suffer a little. But it is worth, because the effect is truly spectacular.

    How does garlic nail varnish?

    Garlic added to the varnish strengthens nails. It makes it harder, stronger, do not break and do not rozdwajają. It accelerates their growth. Additionally, it has bactericidal and fungicidal, so it can help you deal with onychomycosis.

    To add garlic to paint already mentioned in 2015 manicurist Lucy Tucker. It dealt with the fingernails celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Kimberly Walsh. Even earlier, in 2013 he wrote about how Polish blogger Alina Rose. Subject is also moved on Polish and international forums devoted to beauty.

    • “My nails helps, less rozdwajają and the effect seen very quickly. I’m happy. It’s just that for this week did not go to work, and I could afford a little stink”
    • “This is my way, I use it for 5 years! She told me that my aunt and since then my nails are unrecognizable !!! grown after a month of daily use and now are thick and long, and were thin as a sheet! All the girls I recommend trying, worth it !! “

    DIY serum anti-frizz. Only three ingredients

    DIY serum anti-frizz Only three ingredients

    Recipe for serum anti-frizz cheated on his Instagram Farah Dukai This specialist beauty is watched by more than 6 million fans Nothing unusual Her ideas are brilliant, and at the same time very easy Serum anti-frizz up in minutes with just three ingredients

    DIY serum anti-frizz – recipe

    You need aloe gel or flax The first easily you buy in most stores or cosmetic chemist online The second is best to do it yourself Farah Dukai strongly recommended linseed gel Just grain flaxseed pour boiling water and cook on low heat for a few minutes Then you have to drain it You can apply it on your hair yourself in the form of a mask or conditioner without rinsing Also check instead of styling products By the way, we would highly recommend to the face mask with linseed Tightens pores, skin mats and costs pennies

    Another component of serum anti-frizz is distilled water It is important to use it and not just from the tap It is soft because it contains no minerals or salts Better affect our hair The last ingredient is jojoba oil Farah Dukai advises that you can interchangeably use coconut or olive oil, but then reduce the amount, because they are heavier We want to not electrified hair, but we also want to look for greasy and hung sadly at his face

    See also: long hair? Add these products to shampoo

    See also:

    Serum anti-frizz – components:

    • 2 teaspoons of aloe gel or flax
    • 1 cup of distilled water
    • 15 teaspoon of jojoba oil

    Serum anti-frizz – preparation:

    If the gel alone przyrządzałaś linseed wait until it cools down Recipe for serum anti-frizz is very simple Just mix all the ingredients thoroughly Top pour them into the spray bottle or dispenser Then you will be easiest to apply the mixture on the hair

    DIY serum anti-frizz – action

    Serum has antistatic properties and smoothing Polishes the hair and gives them a healthy look In addition, moisturizes and nourishes Protects the ends against the harmful effects of weather conditions and to prevent mechanical damage Depending on how the styling emphasizes the curls and waves or facilitates and strengthens hair straightening effect

    Farah Dukai notes that the composition of serum, we have water, so should not be applied directly after use straightener or curling iron Do this prior to the application or wait until the hair dry completely top mum site Bottle of serum store in the refrigerator and try to use within two weeks

    If you want to give your hair volume and also try to prevent static cleaning rye flour It sounds bizarre, but the effects may go your expectations It turns out that rye flour is a great substitute for regular shampoo We need only rye flour having a thickness of 500-750 and water Mix 3-4 tablespoons of flour in half a glass of warm water This is best done using a mixer It will quickly and effectively The mixture applied on the scalp and massage gently for a few minutes